Why not ban all marriages?

by American Life League

Question by Keef: Why not ban all marriages?
As opposed to digging ourselves into a semantics grave (that may certain day ask “well why can’t I legally marry to goat?”), why not throw the entire concept out? Heterosexuals never appear to be after the Jewish/Muslim/Christian “right” because it is actually, plus besides this really is not an matter of religion, because you ha ve clearly produced which an significant value of American society to separate church plus state.

Is wedding, then, regarding ensuring cash is very issued to 2 persons thus which 1 could invest longer creating a family? Doesn’t this simply improve the fraudulent act of individuals creating kids because financial source of money, therefore generating a black marketplace sweat store that produces a taxes stimulus rather of the sneaker?

And why don’t homosexual males plus lesbians merely have a wedding of ease when which is the case? They signal the paper, receive a duplex with their same sex fans plus all 4 of them have the same rights. Give them the same rights however don’t call it wedding, when the biblical wording is what exactly is offering we a headache. I route for phoning it “morriage!”
Look, countless of we have produced several effective arguments, like how stupid I am; to that I do not have rebuttal (we got me!).

I’m not suggesting close down bridal shops or not have ceremonies as a result. Marriage was initially an agreement involving the parents, whom frequently based their decisions about how rich the different family was.


I hear its sacred plus ought to be preserved however it has changed absolutely over time.

Gays don’t detest wedding, however, its because you thus usually hear inside the own battles for civil liberties: KEEP IT IN THE BEDROOM!

Oh, plus remember, I’m stupid!

Best answer:

Answer by Revan Hideki
you are stupid seriously

Answer by Danimal52
Because thats stupid

Answer by nikngby
Hahahahahahaha!!!! I totally agree!!!! LOL! Maybe we went a lil far with all the black marketplace sweat store, however I receive what a suggesting.

Answer by IndyT- For Da Ben Dan
No, sorry, Religious custom is of no legitimate value here. Should you desire religious conventional “marriage” plus consequences of not following which, try the Taliban.

Answer by Adam the return SFCU
or you can allow wedding be an act of the church, whatever religion it can be plus civil unions the goal of the government

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April 8, 2014

we’d someone to prohibit gay marriage also it passed.

sam N
April 8, 2014

I am talking about, they would like to prohibit gay marriage, but we are meant to have equal privileges, so why wouldn’t you prohibit straight marriage also, this way it’s fair?

congratulate me, I simply solved the whole gay marriage dilemma forever


P.S. which will also solve divorce problem

also, people who wish to safeguard traditional marriage, well how easier to safeguard it than banning it? if it’s no more being used then there’s absolutely no way from it ever altering.

Ksgolfer, you’re very mistaken, Marriage has transformed greatly through the years, marriage was utilized as negotiating chips, to produce peace, in lots of cultures love and marriage were completely separate and regarded incompatible. as well as in many cultures it had been considered inappropriate to fall deeply in love with somebody before you decide to were married. Hell, chapel documents reveal that the Catholic chapel permitted same sex marriage before the thirteenth century. also marriage between different races wasn’t permitted for any very long time the following in america.

to state marriage has not transformed could not become more wrong

also atheists as well as other non followers do and also have become married previously, to it strictly a spiritual institution is really a farce.

Cedors Mul, you ought to be all with this, you simply stated it is a sacred union, well here’s some logic math for yah

marriage=sacred union

sacred union+separation of chapel and condition=prohibit marriage.

April 24, 2014

I am talking about I have faith that individuals have a in the actual metabolic rate to quietly assemble, and therefore if gays wish to live together they are free to achieve that. Even the government are only able to restrict marriage licenses, that really help couples with such things as tax, property privileges, etc. So even when we deny homosexual couples legal marriage licenses they’ll still got married and live together. Just how exactly can the federal government prohibit gay marriage?

April 25, 2014

we ought to also prohibit divorce and prosecute fornication and adultry.

More and more people, especially children, are hurt by divorce and disloyal fathers and moms compared to what they are by gays getting married to. Divorce changes kids entire existence and something partner walks away free or with another partner as the other boosts children in poverty. Everyone’s existence is adversely affected.

Should you honestly think within the sacredness of marriage than an iron clad contract ought to be attracted up and withheld through the law.

This isn’t my fight but when this sacredness may be the only reason we’re within this fight it is not sensible.

May 9, 2014

apart from the entire them being gay factor

Rishabh Bajpai
May 20, 2014

What makes them still banning gay marriage? I understand that some states within the U.S. take, however it colides using the consitution. No that by banning gay marriage they’re banning it due to Christian beleifs that condition that homosexuality is wrong? As well as in our metabolic rate it states (in a roundabout way estimating) our country will not be went with a religion. I simply take some opinions about this questionable subject.

And incidentally does anybody know which states allow gay marriage?

SmokeyD were built with a point…they should not refer to it as marriage since it is exactly what the Christian term for any guy along with a women u . s . by love.

June 10, 2014

when did alabama uplift the ban on interracial marriage. and if it was recent why did they wait so long

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