How do I overcome my ex?


Question by dievanity: How do I overcome my ex?
We’ve been broken up for regarding 2 months today, plus I’m having issues moving about. We were dating for 9 months, plus broke up before the anniversary plus valentines day. Not even a week following being broken up he began dating this girl he worked with, though whenever you were dating he told me he thought she was disgusting plus looked like a drug addict. I don’t recognize how he may have moved about thus promptly plus I’m nevertheless having issues moving about, this was my initially severe relationship, plus items were constantly rocky plus ended inside a bad method.. I try getting available plus dangling out with my neighbors, plus staying because active because I perhaps could, however nothing looks to function plus I can’t receive him off of my notice..

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Answer by Lee
i am thus sorry…i totally recognize what you’re going through…. i dated a girl which i met doing what i love, playing tennis (i am very advantageous, claimed my univ’s tournament twice) perfectly i actually fell for this girl, you are both geeks plus both love to play tennis, she might constantly mention the marriage and just how my crazy uncle was going to embarrass you, i certainly thought i was going to marry for 9 months also. i brought her house plus my family welcomed her, plus you even lived together spending 3-4 days a week together. you cooked together, cuddled plus watched films, played tennis, plus really enjoyed lifetime. perfectly i discovered she transferred a nasty text to her exbf plus thats whenever elements got form of tricky…she mentioned she was sorry plus didn’t indicate it etc etc..

well i miss her even this minute as well as its been almost 4 months…but what hurts the many is the fact that the last time i saw her you woke up each morning plus i kissed her goodbye plus told her i liked her plus she mentioned she liked me back, plus i forced home…. well i called her the following day plus i asked where she was, plus i heard a man inside the background, she was at her exbfs house…i had a lengthy conversation with both of them plus told her i had to break up along with her (asked them when they had sex) well…i didn’t call her for a week, plus whenever i called her asking when she sought to test to function points out she mentioned she met someone (her neighbor!) plus he was only a sorry man imo, looked like a crackhead hillbillly, produced me sick…well today she is involved as well as the event is about june 4th…

she was the initial girl i brought house plus i thought you certainly enjoyed every different. its quite difficult for me too. but don’t contact him, he doesn’t need the love, same because my ex.

if u wanna talk regarding this msg me

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March 30, 2014

ok, essentially, i had been inside a relationship for just two years with my ex which in my experience was the most wonderful and fantastic time I have ever endured. when she split up beside me, i had been destroyed, i’d moved along with her and also got pets and it was a part of her family after which all of a sudden it had been all removed. i had been devastated and barely handled to choose my existence support. my problem now’s im inside a new relationship that has been going since august this past year (the ex split up being june/this summer time) and that i love her to bits, however i cant get my ex from my mind. i personally don’t like her for which she did in my experience after i was prepared to do everything to create things right again and she or he just threw in the towel on me. however i still kinda love her, id do anything whatsoever to possess what i previously had back although if she did arrived at me now i am not i would return right into a relationship together with her because id be frightened of getting me shattered again. anyways, my issue is i dont understand how to overcome my feelings in my ex in order to move ahead, a buddy recommended getting in connection with her like a friend which is needed me go on basically im positive my current gf would switch out that we would understand particularly if she discovered i still had feelings in my ex. i simply dont really get sound advice, it has been several months now and that i still feel just like bitter towards her when i did a couple of several weeks following the split up. can anybody please produce some assistance coz i truly require it and also the last factor i wish to do is hurt my current gf since i cant overcome my past. i want some really ideas of either ways to get over my ex or maybe getting in contact is needed me get closure, how you can tell my current gf so she does not get upset, please i want all of the help i’m able to get

April 8, 2014

And so i authored on here a couple of several weeks approximately back relating to this dream i’d in regards to a ex and me making love. As well as i’ve got a great boyfriend ive been with for any year . 5 and that i don’t have any issues with him, we obtain along, we like one another. But i must the last dream was strange however this was weirder. The final dream involved me and him speaking and that i stored attempting to simply tell him no i didint wish to have sexual intercourse with him and that i wound up doing the work anyways, i had been really turned on by him for whatever reason. This brand new one is identical way however i remember mentioning which i shouldn’t hurt chris, or his girlfriend (which incidentally just his young girl a couple of days ago), and all sorts of i possibly could do is attempt to stop it and that he stored pushing and asking till i acquired to where i needed to get it done to, and that i couldint help but be switched on by him. I have no idea speak with the ex forget about, i hardly see him, i speak with his girlfriend sometimes however i dont speak with him and im Deeply inlove with my new boyfriend. Can anybody assist me to understand why im getting these dreams?

April 24, 2014

So a few several weeks ago I split up beside me boyfriend. Despite the fact that we split up, we still speak with eachother virtually every day and that he desires to reconcile. Lately, he visited a celebration which i wasn’t asked to and something of my buddies (much more acquaintance but we talk whenever we see eachother) was teasing with him the whole evening and allegedly throughout him. I’m not the jealous type however this helped me a little upset. I simply also discovered that he’s been teasing together with her too however it means nothing. This will make me upset too. I understand that people aren’t dating and that he can perform whatever he is very pleasing to but could it be reasonable that i can be upset? What must i do relating to this? I do not really like the thought of him seeing other women however i myself am not necessarily in to the whole relationship factor. Any advice?

May 8, 2014

I have been imprisoned for a long time and want advice regarding how to overcome my institutionalization.What can your very best advice be. Think mental

June 9, 2014

the judge ordered visitation rights to my x to see my kids everyother weekend since 2004.He has my children lying to me constantly over the most ignorant things and very important things as well. What rights do i have as a custodial parent?My children start counsiling this week, But as with all counsiling it takes a while for things to get out in the open, my x is a compulsive liar and refuses to fess up to the truth even to the point of saying my children are lying! What can i do? I fear for my children and thier future, i try to install the best in them but my x just keeps dragging me and my husband down, I know what comes around goes around but in the meantime… Im desperate,how do you overcome lying in children?

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